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Quite possibly the best movie ever, starring the late great John Belusi, and also starring Dan Ackroyd. About two blues musicans who need money for a orphanage, so they get their blues band together. All along they are on the run from the law for henious crimes committed.
- One hell of a movie
by Shaun Speers May 30, 2005
What people in the St. Louis area typically call highway fourty four. If you are in St. Louis, and you ask for directions, and it involves highway fourty four, chances are someone will say it this way.
How do you get to Six Flags?
"Take highway 270 to highway farty four and go west until you see it. Can't miss it"
by Shaun Speers May 09, 2005
A emissions testing program in St. Louis that requires drivers to have clean and efficient running cars in order to have license plates.
Can be a hassle, espically with older vehicles, and can get costly if you don't pass it.
1. Get your car running yet?
2. Nope. Failed the Gateway clean air program twice now.
by Shaun Speers May 16, 2005
A company that will eventually make every program and take over the computing industry
"Who Makes that"
--"Adobe, who else!"
by Shaun Speers May 30, 2005
Slang for O'Fallon, Missouri. Fastest growing city in Missouri with about 40,000 people, with shops going up pratically everyday, not to mention homes.
In O-Town you can spend money, eat food or go mini golfing.
by Shaun Speers June 26, 2005

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