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5 definitions by Shaun Gowman

A very unattractive homosexual
Hey Gayvid, I'm sorry i couldn't pound your ass last night when we got back from Nutz & Boltz. Those Gaygoyles just turned me right off.
by Shaun Gowman May 17, 2009
After your done having sex, and your resting. Your soft cock falls out of her snapper.
I made such a mess last night. After having sex with Lauren. I fell asleep and dumped the bunny all over the bed.
by Shaun Gowman September 03, 2008
When a girl is so fat that her boobs wrap around her sides to her back.
Hey Rich, look at that follow-along. She's so fat she has wrap around tits.
by Shaun Gowman July 25, 2008
The complete blow job; Starts with the sausage, moves to the meat balls, and ends up with the bag.
Man, last night was great. Lauren took me all the way to the delicatesson.
by Shaun Gowman September 03, 2008
When a girl takes many guys one after the other, up the ass, and then drops the load into the toilet, or on the carpet.
Stacy was so drunk, she did a cum dump last night, after doing those 4 guys !!!
by Shaun Gowman July 25, 2008