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(Dis-sipp-yoo-late) the only word that can literally mean ANYTHING you want it to mean, and still sounds really intelligent. It can be a noun, or a verb. As long as it is interjected into a sentence correctly and with confidence, can literally mean whatever it sounds like it means. The beauty is YOU decide!

Nichole's shrink decided after her first session, that she suffers from a severe case of mental dissipulation.

When you send your documents in, we can dissipulate if you qualify for the program.

How dare you dissipulate my man, you skank!!
#confusion #everything #anything #whatever #nothing
by Sharty79 April 13, 2009
When a woman marries her cousin...eww.
My cousin Sue-Ellen married my other cousin Jim-Bob. She says he is the best Cousband a girl could want, and PLUS she does not even have to change her name!
#husband #cousin #hick wedding #alabama #red-neck
by sharty79 May 07, 2009
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