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The funniest critic to ever grace the face of the earth...

The smuggest twat in Britain.
A scot with a sense of humour
by Sharpshooter November 16, 2003
Cruel fox

A man of exquisite kindness, sensitivity, intelligence, education, who writes poetry - but hides such qualities to all but his closest friends. Perfection as a lover.
The cruel fox whispered a Petrarchan sonnet to her.
by sharpshooter January 14, 2014
Absolute shite. Most over-rated film of all time.

Wank material for Sci Fi freaks...
Splicing time in Movies does not work. See also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bollocks and Charlies Angels...
by Sharpshooter November 17, 2003
A game of kick, clap and utter boredom.
A game commonly played to infront of one man and his dog at club level, and 900,000,000 at international level.

The only game in the world where a team can score no tries but still win against a team that has run in three or four if they kick enough goals.

Complete and utter shite. A game where 15 men from Harrow play against 15 men from Eton and barely touch each other yet look as ugly as Elton John.

A game supported by inbreds who are liable to burst into two choruses of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" but fail to carry on as they don't know the rest of the song
by Sharpshooter November 16, 2003

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