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Something massive in size,huge,humongous.Beastly in nature.
(Guys sitting around see a girl with rather large tits)
Guy:Damn, look at those warlocks!
by Sharon Needles January 04, 2008
An outlier of sorts. One who tries to stand out,Sometimes resulting in being made a complete fool by doing so. It can be someone who isn't a fool just someone who is going seperate in their own path. Can be related to their fashion,actions or opinons.
Someone comes into a school(public)wearing a tux.
(Onlooking group): "O look at this hero"
(Group discussion,someone throws out a stupid idea)
"O dont try and be a hero" may be said to them.
(During some type of game or activity,someone goes all-out,suicide for no reason)
"Way to be a hero" may be said.
by Sharon Needles January 03, 2008

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