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Closely related to Rice Queen. A non-Asian male (typically white) who only dates Asian women.
Oh I know that guy! He's a total Rice King. He's got a new Asian girl every month.
by sharkbite December 09, 2003
To grab someone's side with your hands via swiftly bring the hands together, making it seem like your flanges are shark jaws "biting" the victim. I do this to get all my friends.

A second version of this is called the shockbite, whereupon you shock the victim in the side with a hand held in the shocker position.
1) *people having a good time*
*sharkbiter walks in*
Sharkbiter: "Hey...SHARKBITE!"
*Sharkbiter grabs side of nearest girl*
Everyone else: WTF mate?

2) *everyone having a good time*
Shockbiter: "Hey Colleen."
Colleen: "Yeah?"
Shockbiter: "SHOCKBITE!"
by Sharkbite June 02, 2005
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