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Kawaii Anime Asian Girl - Common term to followers of Dagism, it usually refers to a highly attractive asian member of the female gender, usually Japanese, who has an interest in Japanese animation, or anime. These women are also highly difficult to obtain, due to elitist tendancies.
Wow. What a KAAG. Dennis must be drooling already.
by Sharingan March 10, 2004
The worship of the diety Dag, who promotes elitism and repression of those of lesser intelligence. His hymns of choice are those of Dream Theater.
Drank some GREAT grape koolaid at the last Dagism meet.
by Sharingan March 10, 2004
A small cork-like device that, when placed into the rectum, creates a seal to prevent foreign objects from entering.
Well, I got convicted of robbery and was sent to prison. I made SURE to insert the ramguard before hand however.
by Sharingan March 11, 2004

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