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1. Literally, sleeping with them

2. Messing with them, as in playing atrick on them.
1. Dupe was fucking with someone and he caught something.

2.Fucking with someone doesn't lead to no good if they in a bad mood.
by Sharell August 23, 2005
Getting revenge. Paying someone back for what they did to you.
I ain't forget about Vonda's li'l ass! I'm gettin some get back for what she did to my nails!
by Sharell August 24, 2005
Nothing to see here! Keep moving!
Bitch take your ass on! What are you staring at?!
by Sharell August 23, 2005
To send someone to the penitentury.
Carla got shipped upstate! She better keep her bootyhole tight!
by Sharell August 23, 2005
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