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Introduced by college football coaching legend, Bobby Bowden, in response to fans that think they know more than coaches because they excel at playing games on Playstation and similar video games. A variation of an armchair quarterback.
Those Playstation All-Americans don't really know a thing about the X's and O's of football.
by Shaolin October 04, 2004
Literal meaning is a big gun or cannon, it means someone that is a big shot.
Do not trust that pezza novante.
by Shaolin May 20, 2004
Fudge Fondler : noun or verb ; similar to ass-pirate, beef smoker, queer, fudge packer, crack spackler, chute shafter, ass master, trash compactor, flame-o, juicy fruit, fruitloop, homo, butt plugger or trucker on the hershey highway.
Example: That douchey dude is a real fudge fondler.booty
by shaolin May 01, 2014
An internet geek who know's all the answers to every single thing in the world.
"That guy know's everything, bloody Klaatu!"
by Shaolin October 10, 2004

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