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5 definitions by Shannon Brown

The act of engaging in sexual relations with the girlfriend of one of your friends. This can be applied even after they have broken up or if his friend really likes the girl.
"Hey Deuces, you gonna tally one up tonight?"

"Did you see who was all over Bizzle last night? Tally one up for Deuces!"

Person 1: "So what'd you guys do last night?"
Person 2: "I dont know...."
Person 1: "O sit! Tally one up!"
by Shannon Brown April 05, 2005
Derived from the contraction of the words ignorant and negro. Used to desribe a stupid nagger.
Jamal(black): "MSU just lost, lets try to pull this stop sign outta the concrete."
Jonathon(white): "Send that ignorregro back to Africa."
by Shannon Brown April 03, 2005
noun: A person who makes a horrible joke to which noone laughs

verb: The act of making a bad joke.

adjective: To describe someones joke or story as being awful or stupid.
noun: "Yeah good one bazzi."
verb: "You bazzied all over that."
adjective: "Wow that story was so bazzi."
by Shannon Brown April 01, 2005
Acronym for Inner House League, applying to Halo 2.
"Anyone up for some IHL?"
"We gonna play IHL later tonight?"
"Hey Nunz, 2 on 2 IHL?"
by Shannon Brown April 05, 2005
verb: The act of playing halo 2 online. Derived from the word representing as in to represent ones skills or region.
"Is anyone up for some repping?"
"Are you guys repping the 189?"
"Damn Bern, that was some poor repping."
by Shannon Brown April 01, 2005