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A cokesgiving occurs when your father kicks you out of the family thanksgiving dinner because you are high on cocaine as evidenced by you lack of appetite, sniffling, and generally strange behavior.
"My dad knew I was zooted the fuck out at Thanksgiving dinner and he kicked me out of the house. That's the third cokesgiving in a row."
by ShaneWood January 07, 2012
A shot consisting of equal parts tequila, J├Ągermeister, and peppermint schnapps. When I used to bar tend this was my go-to shot for drunk, rude, snobby, and otherwise obnoxious people who, when asked what they would like to drink, look at you blankly and say "Uh... just make me a shot."
Jonny- "Damn that cat just puked all over the urinal in the men's room!"

Me- "Yeah I gave that drunk fuck a pitbull on crack."
by ShaneWood January 12, 2012
Pronouced like "coffee cups." Describes the crippling combination of coughing and hiccuping that sometimes occurs after taking a huge rip of weed. Every time you cough, you hiccup. This can be quite unpleasant and even painful and will sometimes last for over 30 minutes. It can cause profuse sweating, dysphoria, and gagging/vomiting. A few people have even reported partial loss of bowel control resulting in inadvertent farting and/or sharting. Most hiccup cures (holding breath, drinking water, etc.) are futile as this sort of ailment is beyond any normal hiccuping/coughing fit.
"Goddamn I got the fucking coughiccups. I knew I shouldn't have ripped the 4-footer. This is ruining my night."
by ShaneWood January 08, 2012
A roaster bowl is a bowl of weed that you pick out of the ashtray. Usually when you cash a bowl there is still a little bit at the very bottom that isn't burned so you end up with a bunch of roughly pea-sized charred nuggets that can be smoked in times of famine.
"Damn I burned through that whole bag last night. I'll have to scrounge up a roaster bowl."
by ShaneWood January 08, 2012
Slang for Jesus Christ
John-"Hey you wanna go to church in the morning?"

James- "What are you, fucking nuts? I love Jesse Chips but I'm not going to church."
by ShaneWood January 08, 2012
General term for the shitty weed you will find in north Omaha. Usually more brown than green and about 15-25 bucks for a quarter. Its not bricked up or anything but its still just as shitty as most brick weed.
"Man I can't find any danks anywhere. Let's go to my homie's on 13th and Ames and snag some northos."
by ShaneWood January 07, 2012
Slang for meth. So called because of the way a bulbie glows when youre smokin it.
Watch out for TJ... That dude's smokin glow again.
by ShaneWood July 26, 2012

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