1 definition by Shanaanagurlzz650

SAN MATEO. pretty much the bombest place to be in Bayy Ara. Home to drifters, rich white hoes, druggies going to ivy league schools, irish pubs, hot-cheeto eating mexicanos and a few blacks/asians. Pretty much divided up into two sections...one side of the freeway is gangstaland (bayside midd school, college park, fiesta gardens) and theres the white Baywood freaks, burlingame BIS kids, the sexy centrals...other shit. Most of the gansta's hang out Downtown San mateo on Friday nights outside the theater. Hell yeah.
Damn she's hella beaner...probably from Bayside in "San Mateo".
Damn...she's hella white...probably from Baywood San Mateo.
by Shanaanagurlzz650 August 05, 2011

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