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One of talent, and beauty. Also pronounced Bonnie. See also paper doll.
She is so boni, it hurts.
by ShanQUEESta March 13, 2004
To move quickly, and stealthy.
Hey did you see that car drive by!? They were mowing stink!!!
by ShanQUEESta March 13, 2004
The tightest of tight. Someone who is in a gang, for gang members only. One who is all about drinking beer, banging chicks, and scorin dope: But still manages to be cool.
See how that guy did a keg stand? He must be a tight bro.
by ShanQUEESta March 13, 2004
A member of an elite group of dolls. Best friends. Made but from one peice of paper. Linked for ever.
She's in the Paper Dolls? NO way. I'm so jealous!
by ShanQUEESta March 13, 2004

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