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A city in the state of Massachusetts with people who love their sports and love to eat and drink. We have are own accent where we dont say the letter "R." for example: Car=Caa, Yard=yaad, Mother Fucker=Motha-fucka, Door=Doa. Us Boston-ians also have the worst road rage in the whole USA, and for most of the people in Boston, almost every other word is a swear/cuss word. We have some decent looking women here too. Finally, we all think New York sucks
Boston, MA is a fucking awesome city
by Shan-a-fer July 10, 2008
The shittyest most arrogant team in baseball.
New york Yankees lose to the Red Sox once again 6 to 2
by Shan-a-fer January 01, 2008
Toyota is a piece of shit car that comes from japan that only losers, poor people, or illegal immergrants drive
did you see that shitty toyota tundra that dan bought?
by Shan-a-fer January 03, 2008
A derogitory remark for people of Irish decent. They can be nice or they can be mean
Most of the people in Boston, MA are either guineas or micks
by Shan-a-fer July 10, 2008

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