6 definitions by Shamoo McDuffie

When someone takes the top of the kool aid jammer off, and then pokes a hole in the bottom of the jammer and puts the bottle in the girls vagina. They then proceed to drink a mixture of kool-aid and pussy-juice out of the girls vagina.
She was amazing, she gave me the the greatest Kool-Aid Waterfall
by Shamoo McDuffie July 18, 2010
When a guy raps white bed sheets around a girl, then urinates all over the sheets, then proceeds to face fuck the shit out of the girl.
Dude, i gave ______ the nicest yellow mummy last night
by Shamoo McDuffie August 15, 2010
When a group of 2 guys or more find a really attractive girl, get her alone, and throw a potato sack over her head. They then cut out as many holes as there are guys in the potato sack. Finally, they all stick their penises in the holes and wait to see what happens.
A group of my friends and i had some potato-sack madness last night, and i got a special surprise when i inserted...
by Shamoo McDuffie August 19, 2010
You make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wonderbread. Then, you stick it in the girls vagina and proceed to haved sex through the sandwich into her vagina. After cuming in both her vagina and sandwich, you make her eat the sandwich.
________ loves to peanut butter sexytime for lunch.
by Shamoo McDuffie August 15, 2010
While driving, the male or female puts cruise control, then proceeds to lift their butt of their seat. The passenger in the car then takes off the driver's pants and proceeds to give them a rim job while the car is moving.
On the way to the party, my girlfriend gave me the nicest road-rim of all time bro, it felt soo good
by Shamoo McDuffie January 30, 2011
When intoxicated, a male and female supporting each other by leaning against each other very closely and slowly dancing to the music, no matter what kind of music it is.
Yo, me and that girl were slo jammin so hard saturday night in the shack
by Shamoo McDuffie May 10, 2011

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