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The creator of boom bap hip hop music. ( not gangster rap,as many people think, but boom bap )
One of the pioneers of rap music, who's been in the game for a long time...
A true lyrical artist.
knowledge reighns supreme over nearly every one
What's in a name?

"Boom Bap - Original Rap"
by Shameless July 21, 2005
Also 'Pardon my French.' Phrase mumbled insincerely immediately after or before one swears a blue streak within earshot of the elderly, the young, or the simply uptight.
'Excuse my French, but that woman is a fucking cunt.'
or, after stubbing one's toe,
'OW! FUCK! JEEESUS! I'm sorry ... excuse my French.'
by Shameless September 05, 2003
L7 aka square when you make it with your fingers and thumbs. another word for cigarettes.
I'm going on break to have a L7.
by Shameless August 01, 2005

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