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A sad but surprisingly affective phrase often used by Eustace to scare the crap out of Courage in the animated cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog. When scaring someone using this phrase, be sure to wear a mask larger than your body.
Eustace: Hey ya stupid dog, look what I got for ya'...

Courage: Aru?

*turns around and puts on giant scary mask*


Courage: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Eustace: Lol.
by Shamanized July 29, 2008
If every game was a city, World of Warcraft would be Los Angelos. Mabinogi would be Tokyo. Runescape would be New York. And Endless Online would be Detroit.

Get the picture?

If you plan on playing EO, use it as a giant chatroom, and nothing more. It just isn't worth your time other than that.

And I disagree with the other definitions when they say the forum community is better. I strongly disagree.
I would rather drive a fork through my hand than talk to people from the Endless Online forum community.
by Shamanized August 16, 2008

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