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4 definitions by Shakey Jake

a term used to mean "take a shit"
-"man, i had to douche the chewy louie"
-"dude, did not need to know that"
by Shakey Jake March 02, 2007
8 4
when youre just going with the flow and chillin. pronounced like "salmon"
-"yo, what up mang?"
-"not much man, just sammin it up over at dubR's place"
by Shakey Jake March 02, 2007
2 1
What you say after you either severely burn someone, indicating the coup de grace, or to indicate to the other party that the conversation is over.
Friend 1: You know how I know you're gay?
Friend 2: Well it cant be the fact that I'm talking to an outstandingly attractive Cuban woman on the phone right now...that would disprove the gayness.
Friend 1: Yeah...but you smiled at me so that makes any other straightness null and void. check please!
by Shakey Jake January 08, 2007
9 14
A sexual position where you are in a fromby and then prop one foot up on a coffee table (or something similar) and then you hit that tang with a radical downward angle (similar to a WW2 Japanese pilot's attack on ships).
Garry: So you get any last night, Aaron?
Aaron: Yeah man. I totally went kamikaze on that shit!!
Garry: Noice...I'm proud of you.
by Shakey Jake April 19, 2006
6 20