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a term used to mean "take a shit"
-"man, i had to douche the chewy louie"
-"dude, did not need to know that"
by Shakey Jake March 02, 2007
when youre just going with the flow and chillin. pronounced like "salmon"
-"yo, what up mang?"
-"not much man, just sammin it up over at dubR's place"
by Shakey Jake March 02, 2007
What you say after you either severely burn someone, indicating the coup de grace, or to indicate to the other party that the conversation is over.
Friend 1: You know how I know you're gay?
Friend 2: Well it cant be the fact that I'm talking to an outstandingly attractive Cuban woman on the phone right now...that would disprove the gayness.
Friend 1: Yeah...but you smiled at me so that makes any other straightness null and void. check please!
by Shakey Jake January 08, 2007
A sexual position where you are in a fromby and then prop one foot up on a coffee table (or something similar) and then you hit that tang with a radical downward angle (similar to a WW2 Japanese pilot's attack on ships).
Garry: So you get any last night, Aaron?
Aaron: Yeah man. I totally went kamikaze on that shit!!
Garry: Noice...I'm proud of you.
by Shakey Jake April 19, 2006

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