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One of the best gawddamn games on the SNES ever. It looks like a PS1 game, with voices, and cool battles sequences.
I finally beat Tales of Phantasia, and man was it hard.
by Shakal November 21, 2003
A sweet ass, kick ass fantasy series, writen by Joel Rosenberg. The first book, The Sleeping Dragon, starts it off. Any fantasy fan should read it, it rules.
Damn, I can't believe that he died. But, hell, Walter's still around in Guardians of the Flame, so it won't be as bad.
by Shakal November 21, 2003
Defender of the universe, commander of the heaven armies.
Comander Shakal Gilani
by Shakal November 21, 2003
someone who has the skills of a fighter, and a mage.

Pro: The Holy Hero, and now Arch Angel replacing Michal.
I am a fighterwizard.

Fighterwizard is the Holy Hero.
by Shakal November 21, 2003

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