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A F2P 3rd Person shooter also known as GA that actually requires team work to win the Missions or Spec Ops
Note:Missions is PvP Were you have a team of 12 on 12 there are many different mods for it. Spec Ops Is PvE were you have a team of 4 going against the internment and at the end of it there is a boss:there is a time limit to the Spec Ops so do hurry
shadow:Are you getting on Global agenda?

Rakon: Yes why?

Shadow: hold on I will get on and we can work together in missions to win

Rakon: awesome want to get on vent or use in-game voice chat?
Shadow: In-game vent laggs my game up since the graphics on Global agenda are so amazing
by Shadowcrest June 13, 2011

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