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2 definitions by ShadowKat

To dance around the room to a beloved song, by oneself. A private rock-out session. Ipod advertisements featuring silhouetted dancers attempt to convey the sense of freakie outie.
I had a freakie outie to "Groove Is In the Heart" once.
by ShadowKat July 10, 2008
Drone Bathing is a luxury spa service wherein the client is immersed in high-volume, low-frequency electric guitar music while watching customized machinama animation. This treatment is enjoyed by many suffering from feelings of disembodiment and dystopian narrative trajectories. Drone Bathing requires professional attendants and master drones to ensure a successful and safe experience. Due to the intensity of the sound levels, earplugs should always be worn.
A: I've been feeling really disembodied lately.
B: Have you tried Drone Bathing?
C: I went Drone Bathing and watched Quake IV and Captain Planet flying around a fantasy castle, while these drones played guitar so loud I could feel the vibrations all through my body....it was crazy.
by ShadowKat August 19, 2010