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God's most glorious gift to mankind: green, weed, bud, dope, pot, herb, grass, the great smoke-shit. This wonderful plant, when rolled into a joint, blunt or packed into a bowl etc., is the single most effective way to relax and be at ease known to man. It can be smoked from joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, hookahs, one-hitters, bubblers and indeed just about anytihng.
Stoner 1: Holy crap, I just made a bong out of a watermelon.

Stoner 2: *stares blankly* Dude wtf? How is that gonna work?

Stoner 1: Only one way to find out. Now stop being a bitch and pass me the reefer.
by Shadow of the Void August 04, 2006
The way illiterate children who pretend they know what they are talking about spell "cannabis" because they are too goddamn retarded and arrogant to take the time to see if they got it right.
The fucktarded 15-year-old in 3rd grade handed his written assignment entitled "y canabis iz bad." He got put in the special kids' class shortly after.
by Shadow of the Void October 13, 2007
A popular song by Afroman, but it's often mistakenly called "Colt 45" because most people that hear it are too fucking stupid to realize that just because he says "Colt 45" in the chorus that it doesn't mean that's the name of the song. They also seem to be incapable of looking at the back of the CD case to check the name of the song, which is generally a simple and effortless task.
Retard: Damn, homie. Colt 45 is a mothafuckin' TIGHT song!
Knowledgeable Person: Colt 45? Sorry, son, never heard of it. I've heard of Crazy Rap, though, if that's what you're trying to say....
Retard: Eh?
Knowledgeable Person: Retard....
by Shadow of the Void October 16, 2007
To place some marijuana in a bowng, pipe, anything with a bowl and smoke it.
Hey man, let's pack one right here. I brought my new pipe.
by Shadow of the Void July 31, 2006
Enoch was the name of the legendary First City in the mythology of Vampire: The Masquerade, a pen and paper role-playing game series created by White Wolf. It was a city where Kindred (vampires) and Kine (humans) coexisted in relative peace. It was said to have been founded by Caine, the First Vampire; the very same Caine from the Bible who was cursed by God for the murder of his brother, Abel.

Caine gathered all his spawn and in turn they gathered their spawn and together they constructed Enoch. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. In time the fueds of the Kindred within Enoch became too great, and the city crumbled as a result of their battles. While some belive that it may have been a natural disaster or a spurned childe's (the term used for a Kindred's spawn. Plural childer) vengeful sorcery. No matter what caused the fall of Enoch, Caine and the three vampires that were his first childer vanished, never to be seen again........
Enoch, the city of legend where the living and dead lived together.
by Shadow of the Void June 23, 2006
From the White Wolf game series Vampire: The Masquerade. This is the name given to the eternal struggle of the Kindred to gain supremacy. There are few who are not affected by it. Armies, rulers and nations have all been pawns in this secret war the Kindred wage.
The Jyhad is a poisonous and manipulative dance, influencing mortals and kindred alike.
by Shadow of the Void June 24, 2006
From White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade game series. This is the name given to the tradition of the Kindred (vampires) hiding themselves from the Kine (humans). They have learned over the centuries that it is better for them to hide from the knowledge of mortals, lest they be discovered and hunted to extinction. Humans far outnumber the Kindred, and armed with UV lights and flamethrowers, they would die out very fast indeed.
Those Kindred foolish enough to violate the Masquerade are usually executed.
by Shadow of the Void June 24, 2006

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