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A phrase to describe when your partner/spouse is highly annoyed with you and gives you 'The Look.'

After receiving 'The Look' the receiver is usually filled with immense dread at prospects of hearing what he/she did wrong or being subjected to severe punishments.

Punishments may include but not limited to: the couch, 'headaches', and television out the window.

'The Look' can usually be used if you discover your significant other has performed tasks up to par or has behaved badly. Most often when you need an excuse for roses, massages, or just a human servant for a week.
Rich: "Jessica gave me 'the look' man yesterday after I stained her favorite shirt."
Paul: "Oh god. What are you going to do?"
Rich: "I don't know man.. roses? Roses!"
Paul: "For you sake I hope you wrap them in diamonds."
by Shadow Kunai June 17, 2011
Rape Muffin - noun 1. A term of endearment for the filthy hookers you know. ♥
John: "I love you rape muffin"
Emily: "I love you too hooker butt"
by Shadow Kunai June 20, 2011
When you poop into one's ass and they reciprocate the poop and it gains in mass as it travels back in forth.
Steve "I'm gonna poop in your butt."
Lindsay "I'm gonna poop it back in your butt"
Steve "Mudballing. Hawt."
by Shadow Kunai June 11, 2011

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