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The ability of your brain to give thought patterns that make no sense at all but to also back up those nonsensical thoughts with thoughts full of pure logic and reasoning.

Like your brain being ambidextrous so it can use all forms of reasoning.
"Why does everything he says sound so weird but make absolute sense?"

"It's becasue his brain chaotilogidextrous."

"What the fuck kinda word is that?"

"He made it up."

by Shadow Amadeus November 07, 2011
Something so amazingly epic. Like if a shark were to jump out of the water and high five or suck your dick (without biting it off).
P1: Holy shit!!! The lead singer of one of my favorite bands asked me to be my friend.
P2: Dude, that's fucking shark-epic!!!
by Shadow Amadeus April 20, 2011
It's a NEW curse word that can replace any other one that you want at any time.
Get your ponywaffling ponywaffle out of my house! Be sure to take all your ponywaffle with you!
by Shadow Amadeus October 18, 2010
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