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4 definitions by Shadex

To fuck a girl without wasting time
Am gonna straff her if she agrees to sleep over at my crib.
by Shadex October 28, 2005
A person that does shady deal using the internet as a medium for communicating
Seun:Did you see the 22's on that guys seven forty fizai (BMW 745)
Shola:What do you expect from a yahoo boy
by Shadex October 28, 2005
the wedding ring has already been put into your fingers
You can't play around no more,oruka ti dowo na
by shadex July 06, 2005
Love is a thing of the heart and not just a word of the mouth.
It can be considered a word of the mouth when it comes from the heart.Its a word that should not be said if you dont mean it.Saying the word 'love'is a very strong word that has strong meanings compressed in just one word but some people prefer it when you start picking the meanings one by one.
Its a feelings that makes you wanna risk anything,go anywhere to please someone.Love can be here,love can be there,love can be anywhere but love is all we need.
You dont look for love,love finds you.
Baby you should let me love you
by shadex July 09, 2005