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1. An excessively large image, in resolution too high to display in the average browser window of a 1280x1024 screen. Usually the subject is a hot chick, and often the high resolution displays less than flattering detail.

2. Any excessive thing in form, or style.
I just got a new phil-sized garage for my 18 cars.
by shack November 30, 2004
Noun: One who hobbles
Verb: To act skanky in an efficient manner.
That poo-put bitch will hobble your cock in the alley
by Shack October 16, 2003
A woman, usually overweight, who almost exclusively seeks the company of gay men, often mistaking their friendship for a romantic relationship. They have a defective gaydar.
Rhonda was shocked to walk in on Steve and his boyfriend Brian in bed, thinking all this time Steve didn't try to have sex with her because he was just a nice guy.
by Shack December 04, 2004

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