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4 definitions by Sezza

something that makes a squelching noise when touched, or something wet and squishy, which might ooze at times.
That banana's all squoogy!
by Sezza April 03, 2005
3 1
The state an object is in when it has arrived at a certain destination
The parcel came in all its arrivyness

It's arrivyness was very prompt
by Sezza March 30, 2005
2 0
an adjective describing a very good idea which would appear to have come from a 'geeniemoose' (derivative of genius)
it is a geeniemoosical idea to enter that quiz
by Sezza March 25, 2005
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Term used by the general public to refer to a shop assistant of any size, shape, age or gender. Usually used by parents, this term is directed at children who have problems working out what do do with their about-to-be-purchased items, such as toys or sweets.
'I think the ladies would like to shut the shop now' (regardless of whether any men work there or not...)

'Give it to 'the Lady' and then she'll put it in a bag for you'

'That's right, give the money to the Lady'
by Sezza January 05, 2006
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