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smooth deliberate foreplay leading up to long intercourse with a lot of kissing (anywhere on the body) and of course snuggling
She took me to bed and we ended up in a seven hour long snuggle fuck
An insult spoken to anyone who's done something bad to you or insists on wasting your time after you've asked them not to.
After Ron took my sister on a first date he told me she was a little fat and didn't have much of a personality. I told him to eat shit and bark at the moon and never go near her again.
Taking a dump with a massive amount of poop. This term usually doesn't apply to a quick power poop with only a couple of small turds.
After the big supper I ate last night my first priority was to shit like a racehorse this morning.
Passing gas and passing a turd out with it; a fart with a lump in it.
I thought I had a little gas and it turned out to be a fart surprise.
the penis on the verge of becoming hard
I had to stop facing her because I felt a peen bone coming on.
To fart or to pass gas when there's no danger of anything solid coming out with it.
I knew there was something making me feel uneasy, but after a little crap dusting I felt just fine.
by Seymour P. Clyde Aloysius Jones August 03, 2006
To take a crap when it's going to take more than a few minutes or when you've been constipated for several days.
I got up feeling sluggish but after a good crapdown I had the energy I needed for the rest of the day.

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