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1 definition by SexyHost

Sexy female. Its best when a curvy, lovely, young lady has this name. Its not as common among young women anymore.

Often used by Latinos, Hispanics and Mexicans but, it also involves sexy white & black women and many other races. It sometimes can be looked upon as a "gutter/ghetto" name.

Hottest when its pronounced Ter-ray-suh

Nickname can be Terri or Teri.
The Sexiest nickname is, "Tessa" It just sounds sexy...just an upgraded/younger version of Teresa, but still as classy.
"Teresa's got that beautiful soul and body...My, my, my."

"Let me tell you, My baby Tessa is cold"

" Teresa, Tia, Leayah and Kim..." ("Project Chick" Hot Boys)
by SexyHost October 28, 2008