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Mary is an epic person that's the most amazing person ever. She comes in two styles, punk and vintage. She is everything someone would ever want for a friend. WARNING: She is very cuddly. She enjoys sleeping in class, it's the best thing to do in that situation. She's much cooler than all the other people in school. She's gorgeous and laughs a lot. She has a great sense of humour.

She is an awkward penguin.

She worships tacos. If you want to die, taking Mary's tacos is the way to go.
Classmate 1: Who's that pretty girl sleeping on her desk?
Classmate 2: Why that's Mary, the girl I wish I knew better.

Friend 1: Mary is so perfect and cool, etc...
Friend 2: That is an understatement.

Person 1: I like penguins.
Person 2: You'd like Mary then.

Awesome person: *eating taco*
Mary: *steals taco*
Mary: Hehe I'm a ninja.
by SexyAlienHelloHello January 20, 2013

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