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A once great computer game, now fallen from grace due to it's large following of hackers, cheaters, kiddies, and random morons.
Good, even great gameplay made Counter Strike a very popular game. Unfortunately, this popularity was it's downfall, as it attracted the pasty-faced cheaters and script kiddies like a magnet.
Now, Counter Strike has become a desolate wasteland on what once was a proud, vibrant FPS kingdom.
"Remeber Counter Strike? It used to be great."
"Yeah, but now I'm afraid to even touch it."
by Sexy McSexington March 17, 2005
An extremely sexy moderator on B.net.
Know for his resemblance to Lord English, and for his relationship with your mom, Shishka has become a feared word among spammers and morons alike.
His willingness to ban is legendary.
"Whoa, Shishka just banhammered you"
"I'm Shishka.. apparently"
by Sexy McSexington March 03, 2005
Awsome tactical FPS made by the U.S. Army.
Easily the best free game available today, America's Army is based on realism. Despite cries of, "propaganda, propaganda!" (see stupidly long definition at he bottom of the page). Most AA players are in it for fun.... and this it delivers effectively.
It is easy to die in AA, ususally 3 or fewer hits is enough to end your game, and once you're dead, you dont come back until the next round. This forces players to play with their brain and work as a team, much like the real army must do to stay alive in the field.
Weapons are modelled realisticly in looks, sound, and the way they behave. The gunshots are actually recorded from the shooting range, and the reloading animations are accurate to a T.
The most interesting feature of America's Army is the way the teams are set up; there is no "terroists versus U.S.". Instead both teams see themselves and their teammates as US soldiers with US weapons. And will see the enemy as Terrorists with Russian made firearms. The oppsing team will see the exact opposite.
America's Army's graphics are nothing special, but there are no major complaints, as long as you have decent graphics hardware.
"You guys up for Some Amerca's Army tonight?"
"HUA! I just finished downloading America's Army"
by Sexy McSexington March 17, 2005
A place where people who are unable to cope with change go to complain that Halo 2 wasn't enough like Halo 1.
Run by a man who thinks he is smarter than game developers, Halo2sucks.com is dedicated to complaining about every thing that they dont like, and using it as ammunition to call Bungie a sellout.
Most Halo2sucks.com regulars generally think that they are great at Halo. But when Halo 2 came along, they could not shift their stlye of play to suit... therefore making their "skills" obsolete.
This lead to their movement to whine and complain for the past four months over every detail of the game, rather then spending those four months actually trying to get better at the game.
"Halo2sucks.com is a cesspit of hypocricy."
"have you heard of that new website, Halo2sucks.com?"
by Sexy McSexington March 14, 2005
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