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A character in the webcomic Homestuck. He is an indestructible demon who will be summoned at the end of the universe to destroy it; however, he can travel in time, and so attempts to prevent his arrival are futile, because he is already here. This phrase - "he is already here" - is a common catchphrase among fans of the comic (and among friends of fans who actually have no idea what they're talking about).
Lord English made his first appearance in the comic in the end of Act 5 intermission, when he possessed the crippled body of Doc Scratch. Here, he takes the form of a hulking green monster with a peg leg, eyes which look like constantly-changing billiard balls, a long coat embellished with rainbow patterns, and a suspicious resemblance to Dave Strider's puppet companion, Lil Cal. He is responsible for the death, by rainbow AK47, of Andrew Hussie. It's thought that he will kill again. It's also thought that he can only be killed by exploiting glitches in the time stream.
Not to be confused with Lord British, a character in the game series Ultima.
- Lord English
by thehuw July 20, 2012
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