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A Kansas City slider is a pole dancer who seductively dry-humps the stripper pole during a performance, feigning masturbation, while wearing an extremely brief costume. The sheer public eroticism of the act is has a sure impact in encouraging larger amounts of tips.
Maude was disappointed in her tips from the last set, so she became a Kansas City slider for her 11:00 set.
#strip tease #stripper #pole dancer #athleticism #eroticism #exhibitionism
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 10, 2010
A whale tail tease is someone, usually female but may also be a gay male, who deliberately wears his thong high enough and jeans low enough that others can see the color of the thong strap from the rear.
Jessica was a whale tail tease at the Mall last night. So déclassé and outré of her to do this!
#thong #tease #panties #strap #whale tail #tame exhibitionism
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 10, 2010
This is the practice of amassing large numbers of virtual "friends" via Facebook or Cheezburger.com or some other social network site. The actual friend harvester may have far more of these virtual friends than he or she has familiarity with of the time to interact with.
Surely Meredith is engaging in friend harvesting, she has amassed a collection of 1050 "friends." I wonder how many has she known personally?
#social internet #facebook #cheezburger.com #friendship #faux friendship #collecting #harvesting
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 11, 2010
pubic lice
Gewndolyn had that itching 'down there.' She instantly knew it to be a bad case of bugs in the rug.
#pubic lice #cooties #itch #pubic hair #infestation #lice
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 18, 2010
Someone who thinks Keith Olbermann is sexy and has notions about him.
Prudence is such a Olbermann fan girl.
#msncc #news #liberal #keith olbermann #sexy #hot #groovy
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 10, 2010
A Southern sex tourist is an Easterner who goes to the South for the purpose of having sex with the natives there. This is because of the reputed passion and sizzle of Southerners of both races.
Meredith needed time away from her life as a Hamptons socialite. She decided to go to South Carolina as a Southern sex tourist: she wanted to have sexual intercourse with rednecks with wild abandon and return to her well-ordered, superior life back home.
#sex #southerners #sex tourism #passion #hot #travel
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 10, 2010
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