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When a guy wraps his penis around your neck and playfull chokes you. It's a super sexual fun addition to your sex life or sleepover. It is more fun when the guy has a long, juicy, fat one.
Guy 1: Dude my boyfriend gave me a sausage choker last night. His was way tooo big for me. I'm not gonna' lie, it actually left a mark on my neck.
Guy 2: I bet mine's bigger.
by Sexual_Llama:D February 18, 2011
A Mexican backhand is when you are having deep, hard fingering and he takes his whole hand and shoves it up your vagina! Then he slaps his hand around inside of you as if he is high-fiving your vagina lips and more! Feel free to investigate inside of her:D
Guy: Hey sexy whore, I heard about this new sex move called the Mexican Backhand. You wanna' try it out at my place?

Girl:HELL YEAH! Doesn't that mean you get to slap around in my vagina?! LET'S DO IT!!!
by Sexual_Llama:D February 18, 2011
When you stick a straw up a butt, penis, or vagina and suck as hard as possible!!! Just drink that right up! Who knows what might come out! You can do it to a partner or even yourself:O Even try experimenting and try sucking two straws in different people at the same time! Two differnt tastes! Yum yum! Tip: It normally tastes the best during a girl's period.
Guy: Vagina juicer or blow job tonight, babe?
Girl: I'll get the bendy straws! Does that answer your question?
by Sexual_Llama:D February 18, 2011

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