14 definitions by Sex

When homosexuals, such as Optic Nerve, try to correct your every little typo, to fuel their inner nerdom with geekjoy.
optic is on a spelling crusade; what a e-cool guy!
by sex August 23, 2003
suck my hoobedoo
by sex June 29, 2003
A punk that doesnt fight or doesnt like violence. usally has peace signs on his back or backpack or jamiacan stuff.
skin head:Hey bitch! RAWRAWRAWRAWR!!!

peace punk:hey man keep it cool...
by Sex March 03, 2004
"what a"
"wada" big cock
by sex July 16, 2003
a very sexy man.
damn i wish i looked like aria. cause aria is one hot fucker.
by sex October 10, 2003
the way a buffalo stands
dude......dont be a buffalo
by Sex October 04, 2003
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