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A religious holy book that is reverenced by Mormons, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Written by Joseph Smith, who is alleged to have received an Angelic revelation revealing the location of golden plates of which tell the tale of Christ visiting the American natives shortly after being resurrected. Those who adhere to this religion are known to wear what is described by many as "Holy Underwear". Mormons are forbidden to be referenced by the first name, instead opting for the title of "Elder", or "Sister". As one with half a brain could probably deduce, it is a religion of pure bullshit. Obvious bullshit.
Elder Johnson: Oh, Tom...I think...I just shit my Holy Underwear! What am I going to do?

Elder Richards: Hey, shit for brains...I thought I told you to call me Elder. So you shit your holy drawers? Don't worry. It is Holy Shit now. Damn, that stinks!

Atheist: Hey, don't worry guy! Just tear a few pages out of The Book of Mormon, and use it to wipe your ass. It is basically what it is, an ass-wipe.

Elder Johnson: *scratches chin* You know...I think maybe you are right...
by SevereveS December 02, 2010

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