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Hashish that is made from dry grow-op clippings. The dried left over clipping are filtered through three bags that are submerged in water in a bucket. After mixing thouroughly the dense hash is left over. When the hash is smoked it bubbles.
Dead prostitute! This bubble hash sure fucks me up.
by Seth Perry March 02, 2006
A marajuana product that is a golden resin. It is created by placing dried and ground marijuana into a special pvc filter. Butain gas is shot in through one end of the filter while the other end is placed in a bowl full of water. The filter spews out the fresh oil in to the cold water where it sinks to the bottom. The bottom is scraped and the oil is ready to enjoy.
I am going to spread this honey oil on this Zig Zag.
by Seth Perry March 02, 2006
A meathod of passing a joint between two people. It is performed when the marijuana cigarette is small and thus it must be past by pressing the people's two thumbs together. After the small joint is past, the passee says "Maple Ridge". This is inspired by the Rural Western Canadian town of Maple Ridge where there are massive amounts of grow-ops.
You dropped the joint! You should have pulled a Maple Ridge.
by Seth Perry March 02, 2006
the butthole or anal sphinctor
She stuck her finger in my Meat Doughnut and I said "Fuck you ya camel toed bitch!"
by Seth Perry March 02, 2006
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