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1. much-discussed hairstyle
2. a tribe of indians
3. A basic 180-degree turn in figure skating or ice dancing. A mohawk will turn your face and body but not your direction of travel, so before the turn you are skating forward, and after it you are skating backward. Mohawks can be performed on the inside or outside edges of the skating blades, and with an open or a closed foot position. In television-broadcasted competitions, a mohawk is usually seen in ice dancing, although they are sometimes used for the performance of certain jumps. In that instance, a mohawk replaces a 3-turn as the last step before the skater jumps into the air. The difference with a 3-turn is that a 3-turn turns on 1 foot, where as the mohawk changes feet during the turn.
She has textbook-perfect technique on her double salchow jump, but somehow she can only do it from a mohawk entrance, not from a 3-turn!
by Sessyliz November 25, 2008

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