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A city in Central New York.

Summers are marked by hot, humid weather; winters by ice, snow that never melts, and -20 degree (F) weather.

Despite its lack of distinguishing features, Utica has several upsides:

1. The recent host of the Simple Plan, Good Charlotte & Reliant K "Noise to the World" Tour
2. The KRock-athon, an annual summer event inviting many of the hottest rock bands for an all day event
3. The Boilermaker, a summer race that attracts hundreds of people world-wide.

When any of these events are not taking place, though, Utica remains just another dusty city that America forgot.
Most, if not all people, want to leave it.
Dude, let's go to Utica!

by Seshennu May 24, 2005
Synonym for "fantwit" and "fanbrat", a slightly derogatory term used in place of other, lengthier phrases, such as "hyperactive rabid fangirl(boy)".

Fannits generally have the writing skills of a twelve year-old AIMer.
I was talking to this kid online, and man, she was a total fannit.
by Seshennu December 02, 2005
1. A verb, where the word can be used interchangably with the words fuck, or screw. It is more commonly used playfully with the context of "Forget you".

2. Or as a noun, meaning an idiot, moron, or someone with an unnaturally long pinky nail.
1. Leusch you!

2. She is such a leusch.
Have you ever seen a bigger leush?
by Seshennu April 03, 2005
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