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A woman who uses sneaky dramatic tactics to enhance her sexual encounters with internet, smartphones websites, and often lies to the guy she is with in order to continue her putrid existence until the guy has confronting evidence of her lowly existence, which she denies, then suddenly moves onto the next guy. Often these women use their children, and say things like, "Oh, you are the first one in ten years."
Friedrich: Hey Jerry, did you hear about Ginny?
Jerry: No, dude, what did she do now?
Friedrich: Man, she did it again. Got some guy to believe she was a celibate chaste by using those ballbootertease tactics again, and when the dude found out about her past, she started to cry.
Jerry: Yeah, she is such a ballbooter. How does she get away with it? Guess ballbooters know how to find chaste dudes!
Friedrich: Yeah, ballbooter logic. Yeah, ballbooter logic.
by Sertyardheart February 21, 2013
Etiquette of Modern Day Love Making. Titty Proprietybreast ownership comes about when a male lover or sexual partner proclaims the female sexual partner's breasts as his own, maybe forever or as long as the session lasts. Often the female partner will, as a maneuver to enhance the male arousal complex, tell the male that her breasts are his, only his, or some other foreplay dialogue nonsense to stimulate the heat of the moment. She may really intend for her words to be true....or not. And he may have the same notion. Afterall, we live in the Age of 2000+ when we were promised to all be driving flying cars, or pigs.
Steven, these titties are yours!!!!! Yours only!!!! You have Titty Propriety!!!!!

Darlin', Daniella, please let me have the reign of titty propriety, I will sell your milk to no one but me!!!!

Oh, Jenna, Oh, Frank, whoops! They just fell out! Will you take my titties and make them yours and yours only? Oh, my love, keep them from forever falling out the way that they do?
by Sertyardheart February 21, 2013

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