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2 definitions by Seraph177

Started on March 20, 2003 when a coalition invaded believing Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. This turned out to be false and was used to scare everyone for oil making Bush and his corporate buddies richer. Now, coalition forces (what's left of them) continue to deal with an insurgency that is still hiding in Iraq.

See also Vietnam
The Iraq War was started on March 20, 2003.
by Seraph177 March 09, 2008
Once a popular game series that did well with the first game making the Xbox what it is today. Unfortunately, Bungie released Halo 2 which has a horrible storyline and unbalanced multiplayer. Fortunatley, they redeemed themselves with Halo 3 which had a great storyline and decent multiplayer.

Halo was also released on the PC. The PC version of Halo did well and later Gearbox released Halo Custom Edition which allowed people to make their own maps and anything else they desired. Sadly, Gearbox did not advertise it enough and it attracted only a small but friendly community until members of CE attempted to recruit more people from PC ending the good times that were had by all and allowing noobs to take over.

Halo 2 was also released on Vista but was horrible due to bugs and glitches. The player can also get autoaim if they have a Xbox 360 controller or manage to trick the computer into thinking that one is plugged in which is impossible. It is not expected to be the huge success (thanks to hype) that Halo 2 for the Xbox was.
Halo was released in 2001 and was regarded as the number one game for the Xbox.
by Seraph177 March 14, 2008