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1. Of, or relating to, diarrhea.

2. Containing some or many of the characteristics of diarrhea.
2a. liquidy, smelly, gross.

3. Containing some or many of the symptons of diarrhea.
1. That shit was diarrheus.

2. That beef stew looks quite diarrheus.

3. That last fart made me feel diarrheus.
by Seppuko November 27, 2005
A powerful wizard (Seen in the Final Fantasy series, especially) that controls various elements such as earth, wind, and water. Black mages are very tough opponents because of their extremely strong attacks. Other mages, such as White Mages, control life and healing.
"That black mage just cast fire3 to demolish that enemy!"
by Seppuko November 11, 2002
"Oh No". This word is used jokingly or seriousely to express distress.
"Ono I dropped my giraffe!"
by Seppuko November 11, 2002
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