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adj. Shortened form of non-nuclear. Abbreviation introduced in the English Translation of the Japanese anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In the series, non-nuclear refers to a conventional weapon with the highest yield. One might consider the MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) bomb developed by the Unites States Military (first demonstrated in the spring of 2003) to be classified as N2.
"No! They're gonna use an N2 mine!"

--Misato Katsuragi expressing her dismay at being uncomfortably and unexpectedly close to the blast zone of an N2 weapon being detonated beneath the Angel Sachiel (Episode 1, Angel Attack).
by Sephiroth Gabbiani August 16, 2005
Knic (noun):

1. A Furby who lives in Endicott Hall.

2. A creature with braces, glasses and fuzzy hair which exhibits lethargic behavior punctuated by random periods of hyperactivity and lucidity.

3. A caustic substance which can be hazardous in several ways. May cause bleeding of the ear drums if heard, blistering of the skin on contact, and may cause mild insanity and/or other mental disorders for an indeterminate amount of time depending on the intensity at time of exposure.

4. A man who defecates once every six days (144 hours); five (120 hours) if he's lucky.
1. They just released the limited edition Knic Furby. Better get yours today!

2. The Knic emerged from its dark lair at the end of the corridor, ravenous for any form of sustenance, and in serious need of a comb.

3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently listed Knic among the most dangerous biological, chemical and psychological substances ever conceived. Please report any suspected exposure to the nearest mortuary.

4. At least Knic isn't spending the taxpayers' dollars on a daily basis to flush his bowels.
by Sephiroth Gabbiani May 03, 2003
1. The entity responsible for reporting to the scene of possible exposure to Knic after a review by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Animal Control's duty is to quarantine and cremate anyone exposed to Knic and to burn and/or chemically disinfect any environs (vehicles, buildings, bodies of water, other outdoor environments) that may have been exposed to Knic.

Furthermore Animal Control is to quarantine the Knic, burn its clothing, run its body through a chipper/shredder, and then feed the remains into a kiln (which will later be shipped to a third world country), whose temperature shall not be less than 1,000 degrees Celsius.
1. "You know what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? A freakin' Knic crashed there when his flying dinner saucer ran out of salad! Animal Control burned the hell out of that place! It was a forest before they started, but now it's a freakin' desert! Some damn weather balloon and swamp gas!"

2. Animal Control has had to exterminate many underground conspiracy theory groups in the United States and foreign countries. Such groups have had contact with Knic in an attempt to save it. Groups exterminated so far include the Knic Liberation Front (KLF), Give Knic a Chance (GKC), Somalians United for Care of the Knic (SUCK) and the Extreme Fundamentalists for the Proliferation of Knic and Knic Related Materials (EFPKKR). Groups currently suspected of exposure include but are not limited to Knic for California Governor (KCG), the Sierra Club and the governments of Mexico, Canada, France, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Luxembourg and Saudi Arabia.
by Sephiroth Gabbiani August 29, 2003
Generally refers to a hot submarine sandwich, for example a meatball wedge or a chicken parm wedge.
1. "Let's go to the deli and get a wedge." - Greg

2. "Would you like an English wedge or a Metric wedge?" - Future employee of Terry's Wedge Emporium World Internation, Corp.
by Sephiroth Gabbiani September 11, 2003

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