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1337 language for the word Leet.

A type of language used in games, same words just changing the word to have letters in it.

This language is read easily by nerds who play games all day and type superspeed.

Quit WoW___Qu17 vv0vv
Don't play Runescape___D0n'7 pl4y Run35c4p3

0k y0u g37 7h3 1d34...

0mg 7h15 l4n6u4g3 15 us3d 2 0f73n 1n v1d30 g4m3s, 0n1y g4m3r n3rd5 t41k 11k3 7h15.

7h15 l4n6u4g3 15 v3ry p0pul4r 7hr0u6h0u7 7h3 n4rd vv0r1d.

by Sephire000 July 10, 2008
An extremely large meteor that is believed to come down to earth at the end of time. (Judgement Day) However most people think this is fake!
Person1: Hey, in 60 years we can chase each other in the nursing home on our motor scooters!

Person2: You wish! Megiddo would have arrived by then! Idiot!
by Sephire000 July 10, 2008

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