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One who kills fun and/ or joy and happiness.

Also see party pooper
Dude!! I was about to get laid, but then my dad walked in and freaked out. He's such a killjoy.
by Senor Anon May 06, 2008
An ejaculation full of blood.
Dude, I was having sex too hard and I made a hot saucy!!!
by Senor Anon May 08, 2008
When something smells of homo.
Guy #1: Did you know that Abercrombie & Fitch kill gay people and put them in their vents?

Guy #2: That explains a lot, it fucking smells like fagnole in there!
by Senor Anon May 06, 2008
A penis fart.

I.e. Wood meaning erection and wind meaning fart.
Guy 1: Ewww.
Did you hear that nasty-ass woodwind I did during algebra?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah man, it smelled like my cock sucked through a blender.
by Senor Anon May 08, 2008

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