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It sells itself as a religion of peace(uh-huh) and what it essentially is it's a traditional, somewhat universal (compared to judaism) abrahamic religion with political ambitions and a rather strict code of laws (sharia, halal-haram, etc.).

Well, that's what I thought until I've heard the whole Aisha deal...
4chan: Islam - more liek Winslam, am I rite gaiz?

Me: Argh, STFU already! Go back to /d/!/facepalm
by Senex September 19, 2008
An euphemism for "white", symptome of politically correct madness and a sign, that calling someone "white" will get "offensive" soon.

First of all, would you ever recognise an european Tatar as "european-american"? No, you wouldn't. Neither would you recognise a Russian as "asian-american" - and the fact nobody ever tried to call Russians or Georgians like that proves it's about outward apperance (shared by the so-called races), not geographical orgin. So stop beating around the bush and grow up, people, face the adult world, in which you're exposed to some minor stresses and difficulties, like calling something by the name, by that invocing unpleasant free associations.
"White" is shorter and more accurate, than european-american, so just give it up already.
by Senex September 19, 2008
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