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When a bunch of police officers get together for dinner or lunch

most likely has more than 2 cops and most likely involves all individuals bringing food
Guy 1: Hey, look at that over there
Guy 2: What now?
Guy 1: Looks to be a Popo potluck
Guy 2: oh thats....exciting?
by Semikyle June 10, 2009
A spot in the ground when walking through a field with tall grass that when stepped on causes you to sink. This is caused when homeless people sleep in that spot frequently making the ground indent around their body structure
Guy 1: Whoa man watch out!
Guy 2: For what?
Guy 1: You really gotta watch those hobo-holes they like to pull you down into the abyss
Guy 2: Wow I'll make sure I do that
by Semikyle June 10, 2009
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