2 definitions by Selwyn Nogood

Mashing irrelevant, randomly-selected, or just plain ridiculous analogies into a metaphor that simply doesn't work, in a lazy attempt to sound creative, irreverent or funny.

From the phrase "Forced Metaphor"
I have marked down your term paper because the following phrases are clearly metaforced: "The evening was pregnant with merriment" and "Her eyes were sparkling turds"
by Selwyn Nogood November 28, 2010
"Redundant Undies"

Underpants that have gone well past their use-by date, yet stubbornly hang around, taking up valuable space in your smalls drawer - too worn to wear, but much too loved to throw away.
If you don't get rid of that disgusting pile of redundies, Mike, I swear to God I will file for divorce.
by Selwyn Nogood September 04, 2010

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