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1. Short for Selpyacoap
2. Selpyacoap is a jumble of the word "Apocalypse"
3. The *sexy* Gta-SanAndreas.com moderator.
4. Self-obssessed.
5. Flism's stalker.
6. Astentia's leather-daddy.
7. Fucking awesome.
8. QDeathstar's archnemises.
Selpy helps keep the asylum clean.
by Selpy November 15, 2004
1. The *girl* gta-sanandreas.com moderator.
2. Brickhouse.
3. Selpy's lady.
1. Levelheaded, pro-equal rights mod.
2. "Man, Flism's a brickhouse!"
3. "Selpy likes Flism, doesnt he?"
by Selpy November 14, 2004
1. A cute emo-esque graphical artist with pretty eyes, whom resides on deviantart and gta-sanandreasdotcom
2. Selpy's... "buddy".
"Astentia is talented!" said selpy... but was he reffering to his art or other talents?
by Selpy November 15, 2004

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