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3 definitions by SeizurgasmDude

The action of having a seizure when one reaches orgasm.
Dude: Totally banged her last night
Other Dude: And how was it

Dude: Amazing, I made her seizurgasm
Other Dude: Sweet man
by SeizurgasmDude May 25, 2010
A man or woman who is a money-whore, or somebody who just can't stop spending money.
Woman: Look at this new Prada bag I just bought
Man: Why are you such a Marsi
Woman: Why, I never
by SeizurgasmDude February 01, 2011
When a person is so fat that the back of their knees look like the fronts of their knees
Dude did you see her back knee?
Yeah man, that shit was gross.
by SeizurgasmDude February 12, 2012